Technology Wizardry Unleashed with Dell Streak – Tablet PC!

January 11, 2011

It is next thing after Smartphone models, somewhere between a Laptop and a Smartphone. A result of the realisation, that there exists an interested market, which is not satisfied by the limitation of a mobile screen and is turned-off by the big-ness of a laptop.  This is precisely when the ‘technology wizard’ invented the tablet PC! A visually appealing touch-screen accessory; to fit easily into the pocket and will turn into your electronic buddy in no time.

Our friends at, your friendly online shopping portal brings to you, the same technology & hardware, from the house of biggest laptop & PC maker – Dell. Dell streak was launched, late in 2010. Built with a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor and Android operating system, makes quite an impact for an efficient accessory. The tablet comes with a 7-inch scratch resistant Gorilla glass, enables multi touch-screen interface. It has both a proximity sensor and accelerometer sensor for auto turn-off and auto-rotate respectively.

The high resolution camera enables video conferencing and the customised software, makes the device helps you navigate routes; play music & videos; connects you to the social network, and can also be your e-reader. It also supports MMS, Email and comes with photo-editing software.  This device is the flavour of the season and is being spoken in the same tone as Apple I-Pad and Samsung Galaxy Pad. On the online e-commerce site, homeshop18, it comes with a reasonable discount of 4% and is shipped FREE to your doorstep. Place the order and surf the web on your very own Dell Streak.


Choose Kitchen Appliances with Homeshop18.

January 5, 2011

A kitchen is known by the kitchen appliances it has within. Good food can only be prepared with adequate comfort and the right tools. Considering the aesthetics in a kitchen, it is imperative to choose the kitchen appliances to fit your style. This view is reflected in the range of implements displayed on the online shopping portal This online shopping portal believes cooking to involve the initial preparation; actual cooking and the eventual serving come in the gamut of kitchen activities. There are 15 essential sub-categories under the category kitchen appliances. There are additions to the range on a daily basis, with new vendors and newer utilities brought on board to help you make your kitchen better.

The cooking range includes – the most common Tava, Frying pan, Handi to the high-end cooking devices like the electric rice cooker, food processor and micro-wave ovens. Another range includes toasters, food processors, blenders, ice-cream makers, juicer mixer grinders, & chimneys, gas stoves.

Famous International brands like IFB washing machine, Whirlpool Micro wave, Black & Decker kettle are available on the site. You could avail discounts up to 33% on select brands. There are enough choices on the site to help you add extra touch of style to your kitchen.

EMI Facility at an Online Shopping Mall

August 21, 2010

Today, every computer literate individual is familiar with the terms ‘cheap shopping’, ‘Online Shopping’, ‘discount shopping’, ‘home shopping’ all connoting the same meaning. Buying virtually every type of product from an online shopping mall is the buzzword today. Why majority of the populace today prefer home shopping from an online shopping mall is the availability of myriad categories of products in a single platform, discount offers, gift offers, availing of redeem points, and more factors.

I have been buying products from this Online Shopping Mall called homeshop18 for over a year now. I have collected enough redeem points utilizing them to get things for free. Often I used the ‘3 EMIs of ICICI Bank/HDFC Bank/Citibank’ for payment in case of a bulk purchase besides enjoying the discount shopping experience. You won’t find any other cheap shopping platform that has a databank of so many product categories of so many brands with all products being offered at big discounts.

This home shopping store uses the latest encryption technology and other methods so that your online payment information is well protected. Credit card information at homeshop18 is not retained; hence it is safe to use your card here.

Wespro Digital Photo Frame at 58% Discount

August 16, 2010

Seeing such a wide variety of Digital Photo Frames at homeshop18, I realized that technology is advancing at a fast pace. Yesterday’s digital photo frames are obsolete today. You will find a whole lot of added features all functional to your advantage.

Digital Photo Frames

I recently bought the Wespro 8 Inch (20.3cms) Digital Photo Frame – WP283A from homeshop18. At such a low price, i.e. only Rs. 4,999, it comes equipped with so many advanced features. Of course the MRP is Rs. 12,000 and homeshop18 has offered 58% discount, i.e. discount of Rs. 7001. There are other digital photo frames in this platform that are sold at attractive prices too.

Here are few of the features of this Wespro Digital Photo Frame:
•8 inch TFT digital display
•Touchpad panel
•1GB internal memory
•Built in stereo speakers
•Supports video in MPEG1, MPEG4 and M-JPEG formats
•High quality display of pictures
•Facility for playing of MP3 songs
•Alarm, clock and calendar facility
•Compatible with pen drives and memory cards.

Get your desired digital photo frame from this online store and start enjoying watching videos, listening to music and viewing pictures.

Weekend Loot Offer

July 28, 2010

I bought a collection of pearl jewellery items from the weekend loot offer section of homeshop18. It is ‘Mayur Real Pearl Collection – Buy 4 Get 4 Free    Product Code: 57226 with Free Diamond Pendant worth Rs.1099’. Against the MRP of Rs. 7550, I bought it for Rs. 2999 thus saving Rs. 4551 (60%). Every Pearl Jewellery set is the best in itself in terms of design and quality. I felt so excited that I was all geared up to buy other types of jewellery so that I wear them in sync with my attire for myriad occasions. I want to buy kundan jewellery, navratan jewellery, semi precious stone jewellery, and silver jewellery.

While searching for kundan jewellery, my eyes fell on the Royale Rajgharana Kundan Jewellery Collection by Touchstone. The MRP was Rs. 5999 and HS18 price was Rs. 2399. I immediately placed an order for the same. I saved an unbelievable Rs. 3600, i.e. 60%.

The variety of designs and the huge collection of the other jewellery items made me fall in a dilemma which one to choose. Right from navratan jewellery, semi precious stone jewellery to Silver Jewellery, each set is utterly splendid and mesmerizing!

69% Discount for Digital Camcorder at homeshop18

July 22, 2010

You cannot imagine going out on a vacation or a weekend trip or hosting a function without digital Camcorders. Most people do invite professional photographers to capture special moments in marriage receptions, etc., but one of the family members does use a video camcorder for self satisfaction. With digital technology reaching its peak, there is hardly any urbanite who does not use the digital camcorder. If you still do not have a camcorder, buy one and keep pace with the digital trend. Imagine recording the first smile of your baby, the first walking moments, shooting a butterfly sucking honey from the dahlia of your garden and more special moments. And later on, you can view them on the big screen on your computer.

Visit homeshop18 to get the best Digital Camcorder or video camcorder. It has a huge collection of digital camcorders of different brands and models. I bought the Aiptek 5MP Camcorder – DVT8 Lite with Free GC worth Rs. 500 from homeshop18 for Rs.3999 against MRP of Rs. 12990. I saved Rs. 8991, i.e. a discount of 69%. I was so excited! You won’t get such big discounts for camcorders elsewhere!

39% Discount on My Best Digital Camera

July 14, 2010

I believe most of you guys must be owning digital cameras. Holidaying being a common phenomenon these days, going without a digital camera will certainly make the trip incomplete. So, those of you guys who have not yet bought digital cameras should go for one if you are interested in capturing those beautiful moments, mesmerizing scenes, amazing landscapes, and what not, leave aside the beautiful people whom you want to view as images when they are not near you.

Buying a digital camera becomes an effortless affair if you buy it online; of course you will be able to buy the Best Digital Camera after getting a comparison of the available models done. Reading the features and comparing prices has never been so easy online. This is how I bought the best digital camera online from homeshop18.

It is a Pentax Digital Camera – 7 MP. I got it for Rs. 8,999 against MRP of Rs. 14990, thus saving Rs. 5991(39%). There are so many other models of Digital Cameras at homeshop18, almost a hundred of them representing different brands and the discounts are big too! Get them now and save a lot!

Discounts for Digital Photo Frames

July 12, 2010

Most of you must have watched homeshop18’s popular TV shows called ‘Today’s Bumper Value’, ‘Weekend Loot’, ‘Gadget Bazaar’, and the ‘The Home Maker’. It was after watching the product programs that I came to know about this online store. Actually I want a digital photo frame and seeing such big discounts offered via the platform of the shows, I thought the same percentage of discounts would be offered online as well.

I wanted to buy two Digital Photo Frames, one for myself and another for my cousin. His birthday is approaching and he badly needs a digital photo frame and I thought there can be no better gift than this gadget!

As I typed the keyword ‘digital photo frame’ in the search column and clicked on the button, I instantly got transported to a page with a series displaying digital photo frames of various brands and models. I selected two gadgets after a careful search – Fujezone 7 inch (17.8cms) Digital Photo Frame Model No: T202 and 2.4 Inches Magnetic Photo Frame. The first one is priced at Rs. 2999 against MRP of Rs. 7999 (62% discount) and second at Rs.1199 against MRP of Rs. 2499 (52% discount).

Mp3 Mp4 Players at Homeshop18

June 18, 2010

Mp3 mp4 players

Mp3 Players have turned out to be so cheap these days and with the big discounts offered for these gadgets at online stores, you do gain a competitive advantage. I have nowhere come across such a huge collection of mp3 mp4 players other than at homeshop18. And the discounts offered are worth the buy. I bought the Vox 1GB Headphone MP3 Player Model No: VX-111 at 48% discount. The MRP is Rs. 2490 and HS18 price is Rs.1290. I gifted this gadget to my nephew who is a music freak. I don’t think so there can be any better gifts than mp3 players or mp4 players given the low cost factor.

I bought an Mp4 Player for myself from the same platform. It is Maxis 4GB MP4 Player – J333. I got it for Rs. 1799 against MRP of Rs. 3990 thus saving Rs. 2191(54% discount). I read the features and specifications of other models and compared a dozen models of mp4 players before I finally chose this. Well, there are so many payment options – cheque/DD, cash of delivery, credit card, internet banking, cash card, EMI at no additional cost and what not! You will just love shopping here!

Jewellery Special Items Online

June 9, 2010

Sporting jewellery items matching your attire would require you to have a big collection. The affordability as well as the various designs and color patterns available enable you to get the same without actually burning a hole in your pocket. Right from Artificial Jewellery, fashion jewellery to gemstone jewellery, and other jewellery special items, you will be amazed at the unique designs! You can get brooches, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, etc. at amazing prices!

If you go shopping for jewellery special items at an online shopping mall, you will love exploring more and more. Homeshop18 has a vast collection of artificial jewellery, fashion jewellery, gemstone jewellery, etc. Many a time it sells jewellery sets as ‘offer of the day’ at extremely unbelievable prices; discounts against the MRP are more than 50%.

Gifting of Gemstone Jewellery is a trend these days. Though affordable, these items look expensive. The gemstones studded may range from topazes to emeralds, onyx, sapphires, rubies, etc. If you go for the sophisticated ones, i.e. if the quality of gemstone is good, you may have to pay a higher price.  So, why wait when you can get them without visiting the store? Log in to your online store and get them!

Online Shopping Advantages

June 4, 2010

The usual shopping trend would require you to go around from shop to shop to find your desired articles. And for different stuff, you have to visit different stores. You won’t get Best Mobile Phone at an apparel store or crockery at an electronic store! And offline shopping does take time. The greatest advantage of online shopping is that you will get the A-Z of products from a single platform. Isn’t that time saving? Besides, you get great discounts and redeem points and thus you always stay benefited. I have always relied on homeshop18 to get my products; nowhere else will you get such varieties and the highly discount shopping will help you save a lot of money!

At a home shopping store, you will find numerous brands tagged under varying prices. You can coolly have a look at the features of your desired product and compare the same on account of features and prices. What you thus buy turns out to be the best. And you can shop round the clock as per your convenience. The effortlessness as well as the Cheap Shopping experience will only allure you to buy again and again from your favorite online shopping mall.

Varied Jewellery Items

May 14, 2010

If you buddies are looking for the greatest variety of jewellery collection in equally exciting prices, homeshop18 is your ultimate destination! What not did I buy at such cheap prices! I bought kundan jewellery, navratan jewellery, pearl jewellery, semi precious stone jewellery, and Silver Jewellery from this online store for myself, my two sisters, my sister-in-law, and for my best friend. You won’t believe if I say that I spent only a few thousand rupees for all the items. The collection itself is very unique in terms of designs – a blend of traditional and contemporary designs.

Jewellery Items

The pearl jewellery set I bought for myself will go in any attire whether casual or formal. They are so sleek yet gorgeous. The kundan jewellery I bought for my sister-in-law is a one of its kind. She liked it very much. If you look at the navratan jewellery set I bought for my best friend (she is going to get married next month) as gift, you will immediately get spurred to visit homeshop18 and buy the same. The glaze of the semi precious Gemstone Jewellery is worth mentioning; leave the exquisiteness of the silver jewellery collection I bought for my sisters.

Battery Back-Up in a Laptop

May 10, 2010

How many of you guys give importance to the battery back-up as well as energy use when you buy a laptop? I have read that laptops consume less energy than desktop computers besides the portability factor helping you carry it along wherever you want to. When you buy laptop, it is advisable to consider several aspects like battery back-up, energy use, mobility, size, comfort, cost, etc.

I saw a mini laptop at one of my cousin’s place. Well he has both the varieties – the mini as well as the big one. And I was surprised to know about the price of the mini laptop and the battery back-up is almost six hours. And he said his big laptop works without electricity for a maximum of one and a half hour.

Knowing the exact specifications before you buy a Laptops can help you get the best deal. I am a regular shopper at homeshop18. So, I thought why not try buying at this platform! And as I searched and compared, I looked for those laptops that have good memory, high processing speed, good battery back-up, etc. And finally, I bought one. I availed big discounts in addition to redeem points.

A Great Collection of Jewellery Items at an Online Store

April 27, 2010

Do you ladies think that kundan jewellery and navratan jewellery are associated with only marriage parties? Even I was driven by this notion besides the belief that these jewellery items are available only in gold. Well, they can be worn in all special occasions like anniversaries besides marriage. I happened to come across kundan jewellery and navratan jewellery online at homeshop18 while I was looking for Pearl Jewellery and silver jewellery.

And seeing the collection of all the aforesaid items in such a great variety of discounts in unbelievable discount prices left me dumbfounded! And though I have no interest for semi precious stone jewellery, the distinction collection of sets displayed just attracted me to go for this category too. Well, I bought all different jewellery item right from navratan, kundan to semi precious stone, and pearl categories. And for so many pieces, I paid online only a few thousand bucks. I have fallen in love with the pearl jewellery items that I have purchased.

All the items carry certificates of authenticity, so I didn’t worry about the quality factor. Now, I and my daughter can sport different Fashion Jewellery items on different occasions with pride.

Shop Microwave Oven Online

December 24, 2010

One of the most used kitchen appliances nowadays is a “Microwave Oven“. Microwave Oven can be defined as an electrical appliance for heating food. A microwave Oven consists of transformer, control circuit & a cooking chamber. It is more preferred because of its high efficiency. Now the question arises, which brand to go far?  Whirlpool Microwave Oven & IFB Microwave Oven are 2 of the top selling Microwave Ovens in the market. One place to buy them at a click of your mouse is Homeshop18 – one of the most preferred online shopping website.

That’s  not it  – Whirlpool Microwave Oven, comes with an offer of free Reebok wrist watch & T-shirt exclusively only on Homeshop18. So don’t wait and buy securely from Homeshop18.


Get the Best Digital Camera

December 16, 2010

With the increasing penetration of internet in India, it is now more common to buy hi-tech gadgets online. One of the most sold product category online is Digital Camera. There are various places and sites where you can buy Digital Cameras, but there are few factors to be taken in consideration like comparative cost,  Manufacturers Guarantee/Warranty etc. One Online shopping site which you can rely safely is Homeshop18, where safety & Manufacturers Guarantee/Warranty are integral part of their service & delivery. Coming back to Digital cameras, you can definitely get the  Best Digital Camera on Homeshop18, as they have vast collection of cameras. There is regular update on Hot deals for Digital Cameras, where top brands like Canon Digital Camera, Nikon Digital Camera, Samsung Digital Camera, Panasonic Digital Camera, Kodak Digital Camera, Fuji film Digital Camera etc are featured.

Buy Food Processor Online

November 26, 2010

Ever thought of reducing the menial job of cutting, grinding, grating, mixing etc while working in kitchen? If not, here’s a a review about “food processor“.  Now get rid of the tiring job and make stuff in pretty good time. Now what exactly is  a food processor? It can be best described as an kitchen appliance which helps in maneuvering all the processes like Chopping, grinding, grating of vegetables, fruits, cheese etc.

I have got my deal worth from Homeshop18,  after going through wide range of food processor. Also most importantly  they provide discount price as well.You can choose from

Inalsa  food processor

Bajaj food processor

Glen Food Processor

Enjoy food processing with this tool -:)